Thursday, April 18, 2013

Math lesson...

Lately we've been working on place value… A concept I understand to be so simple now, yet as a kid 
I remember it being extremely abstract and complicated. I wonder if our minds get more and 
more logical as we grow...
I like these cubes that make a clear visual demonstration of how the whole ball of wax actually works...
 I'm trying to tie the gap between the hands on manipulation and the actual written numbers. 
I've noticed a couple of the kids prefer the written numbers and it's  the cubes that are harder
 for them to tackle …
I find it so interesting to see how each child has their own way of reacting to new material. 
I can't image trying to teach something like this to a huge group of children, lets say twenty 
to thirty at a time??? My hat goes off to all those underpaid, over worked teachers out their 
who are given fifty oranges to carry with just two hands.
Hope everyone is having a good week!!
                                                                                   ~ Marica