Saturday, March 9, 2013

March… School… Reading… and books...

Everybody has been reading... Lots and lots of reading…
The littlest ones are sounding out words and remembering 
how a long vowel sounds...
 They're patient, holding their breath when they catch the 
word before the others do...
It's careful work...
The middle crew is taking turns reading aloud in what was our back bedroom and is now 
the official "library" … Another post to come soon… I can't wait!!
And our big boys are still sitting perched… Each in the deep, thick of bound paper,
spackled with lettering, keeping them absorbed for hours...
(This picture was from a previous post, but sums it all up too well…)

Some of the books being read around here:

Frog and Toad Arnold Lobel
School House in the Woods Rebecca Caudil
Spiderweb for Two Elizabeth Enright
Rangers Apprentice John Flanagan
The Stand Stephen King

And then I myself recently finished:
Flight Behavior  Barbara Kingsolver
and just started:
The Lacuna also by Barbara Kingsolver

         Hope Everyone is having a good beginning to March!!
                                                                        Cheers ~ Marica

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